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Sex Slaves. Short - 14 min. Italys shocking underground trade in forced prostitution. The mafia are trafficking Eastern European women to Italy to work as prostitutes. They have no freedom - they are bought and sold as commodities, and cannot escape from their owners. “We were sold and bought. In Albania it is no use going to the police because they only sell you again,” says 21 yr old
Islam and Slavery - TheReligionofPeace
The Foreign Ministry of the Polish Government in Exile issued a document on May 3, 1941, describing the mass kidnapping raids conducted in Polish cities with the aim of capturing young women for sexual slavery at brothels run by the German military. On top of that, Polish girls as young as 15 – classified as suitable for slave labor and shipped to Germany – were sexually exploited by
At 8 Years Old, My Mothers Boyfriend Made Me His Sex Slave sex slave
NXIVM, an organization that allegedly brainwashed and blackmailed women into being “sex slaves,” has crumbled in the past year.In March 2018, its founder, Keith Raniere, was arrested and charged with sex trafficking for his role in the group, which then set off a domino effect: In the ensuing months, federal prosecutors would go on to charge more and more people for their alleged
5 Things I Learned as a Sex Slave in Modern America
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Brothers kept woman as sex slave and forced her to work as
Although female slaves are the ones that suffer this most, sometimes, males are also subjected to sexual abuse by promiscuous mistresses or forced to have sex with fellow slaves to produce children who’ll work for their masters. Slaves are raped without having anyone to report to, instead, the white slave owners expect them to be grateful for having sex with them, proudly saying that they


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